Justin Tooley

Justin Tooley, a Central Coast native with an impressive career in the wine industry, serves as the dynamic Vice President for Continental Wine Collection, the parent company to Paso Robles’ Broken Earth Winery, CV Wines, and Pull Wines. Bringing a passionate dedication to the wine industry, Tooley leads with a unique blend of financial prowess, business ingenuity, and operational expertise. Starting his professional journey in finance, Tooley discovered his true calling in the vibrant, complex world of wine back in 2010. This newfound passion led him to JUSTIN Winery, where he worked as a Financial Controller before stepping into the role of General Manager/Senior Vice President of Villa San Juliette Winery in Paso Robles.Today, Tooley leads Continental Wine Collection with equal parts integrity and intelligence, devising creative strategies for growth and ensuring operational excellence for all three wine brands. His desire to elevate the Paso Robles wine region to global recognition motivates his commitment to the industry, which is also reflected in his wine-specific professional designations and ongoing keynote speakeropportunities.True to his Irish heritage, Tooley also brings wit and a delightfully cheeky demeanor to his work. In his downtime, he enjoys spending time outdoors with four children, attending sporting events, and appreciating the world-class Paso Robles region he calls home.