Melanie Mann

Melanie Mann, is the Principal Category Merchant for Wine at Whole Foods Market. With a relentless dedication to sourcing wines that weave compelling narratives and uphold impeccable quality, Melanie stands at the forefront of crafting a wine selection that resonates with the values of Whole Foods Market’s discerning customers.

In her role as the leader of the team responsible for curating all wines stocked in over 350 stores across the United States, Melanie’s passion for her work shines through in the rich diversity of wines available to Whole Foods Market patrons. Alongside her colleagues she shares a common commitment to delivering a truly memorable wine experience.

One of the pivotal areas of focus for Melanie and her team is the organic and biodynamic sector. Wines crafted with certified organic grapes or eco-certified practices hold a special place in their hearts. However, it’s not merely about certifications or flavors; it involves probing into a winery’s practices related to worker responsibility, social responsibility initiatives, environmental impact, and much more.